Concept Art from the Star Wars Prequels

J.J. Abrams is filming ‚Star Wars VII‘ these days. There’re a lots of rumours about the story and the new characters. I posted some leaked concept arts a short time ago. It will be interesting to see more. The look design of the Prequels was also very impressive, altough the first Trilogy were not so convincing as the original Trilogy.



Leaked Concept Art from Star Wars VII

Leaked Concept Art shows the damaged helmet of Darth Vader and a chrashed Tie Fighter. That increases the tension for the first trailer.




Cast for Star Wars 7 Spinoff „Boba Fett“ revealed

Boba Fett Movie Casts Jango Actor Temuera Morrison In 2016 ‘Star Wars’ 7 Spinoff. It also leaked out a list of the entire spinoffs, including Han Solo